About Delroy

Founded in 1998 by Jeo Taouk, Delroy Constructions commenced by building Architectural designed houses and renovations which have formed the solid foundations for its progressive growth.

Delroy is focused on continuing to expand within the Medium Density Residential and Commercial construction sectors whilst retaining its reputation for:

  • Providing a very high standard of construction quality and attention to detail,
  • Efficient and proactive communication and project management,
  • Assurance of personalised hands-on service to ensure Client satisfaction.

The reputation of Delroy Constructions speaks true of the core values that have become embodied in our everyday approach to business, including:

  • Integrity
    Performing our obligations in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Reliability
    Remain consistent with our agreement in accordance with company policy.
  • Service
    Ensuring the Client experience is smooth and stress free.
  • Quality
    Attention to detail in all aspects of our delivery processes, never compromising our high standard of quality.
  • Relationships
    Forming positive and mutually rewarding long term relations with our Clients, Employees, Subcontractors and Suppliers, based on respect and trust.

The core values that guided Delroy during its inception continue to remain relevant and central to the growth of the organisation.

We also recognise that in a modern world business practices continue to evolve and it is therefore vital that we keep abreast of such transitions.  We place high importance and emphasis on workplace health and safety.  It is paramount to our industry. We are always looking at developing and improving our safety standards to ensure a safe work environment for all involved.  Another important aspect we consider to be relevant, is to look towards new ways and ideas in contributing to the construction of energy efficient buildings.

Delroy Constructions strives to promote a workplace environment that is energetic, vibrant and balanced, where each person associated with Delroy is seen as a pivotal and essential element in achieving the high standard outcomes we demand. At Delroy we understand the importance of a united workforce and aim to continue to build and develop one that has the enthusiasm, determination and passion to share in the Delroy philosophy.

As a construction company we look towards working in a team environment where we believe that to facilitate a successful outcome on any project, it is important for all those involved to have the capacity to work and communicate together on a transparent, honest and harmonious level.

Delroy recognises that as individuals each person has different capabilities and ambitions, and it therefore seeks to provide tailored training and personal development opportunities for a secure and long-term rewarding career.


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